BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan (March 18, 2010) - A Fort Lee unit has made history as the first petroleum pipeline terminal operating company serving in Operation Enduring Freedom to transform into a gun truck company.

The 267th Quartermaster Company, 240th QM Battalion, 49th QM Group, which deployed in the summer of 2009, provides security for local national truckers. The unit, also known as the 267th Gun Truck Company, guards host nation trucker convoys delivering necessary supplies to forward-operatiing coalition forces. The 267th has been able to accomplish their many missions with the help of mine resistant ambush protected vehicles, which are armed with lethal weapons systems.

Convoy commanders commonly escort groups of 30-plus Afghani trucks with seven fully-armed gun trucks through poorly constructed roadways and rough terrain to deliver goods to international security assistance forces Soldiers fighting on the front lines of combat. Assisted by linguists, the 267th has built strong working relationships and rapport with the host nation truck drivers. To this point in their deployment, the 267th has accumulated over 200,000 miles protecting convoys through the mountainous, unsecured roads of Afghanistan. The 267th has successfully escorted over 80 U.S. Coalition Force convoy missions, enabling host nation trucks to deliver more than 4 million gallons of fuel, 100 pallets of food and water, 800 pallets of ammunition and 250 MRAPs throughout the company's area of operations.

The 267th's efforts have kept front-line unit supply levels plussed up, and allowed commanders on the ground to focus their efforts on disrupting insurgent forces and building a stronger, more stable Afghanistan. The Army has used the 267th's experiences to reevaluate convoy battle drills and provide other units with the most up-to-date scenarios to prepare for future deployments and operations.

The 267th often encountered enemy elements who attempted to disrupt deliveries to forward units. Under the company command team's leadership and training, 60 Soldiers received the Combat Action Badge with zero casualties or loss of equipment, making the unit one of the most decorated gun truck security companies in the International Security Assistance Force area of operations.