FORT MCPHERSON, Ga. - Many of you have seen Kevin Stabinsky, the assistant editor of the "Sentinel," around the installations at one time or another.

Identifiable by the camera around his neck and the notepad in his hands, it seems as if he is present at every noteworthy event that happens on Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem.

If you've ever looked at him and thought, "Man, that guy must be working hard," you'd be exactly right.

On March 12, the Army joined the Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem communities in officially recognizing Stabinsky's dedication and talent when it named him the DA's Moss-Holland Civilian Journalist of the Year in this year's Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware Public Affairs Communications Competition.

"It's always been a goal of mine to win a KLW. I've made it to that level (of competition) before as a Soldier, but never won," Stabinsky said. "It is definitely an honor and will help me in my future."

A yearly competition sponsored by the Secretary of the Army for the Army's Soldier and Civilian writers and PA specialists, the KLW competition is a worldwide contest that judges the Army's best communicators in technical excellence, creativity, originality and overall support of Army and command information themes and objectives.

The Office of the Chief of Public Affairs conducts judging to reward, inspire and recognize excellence from military occupational specialty-qualified Soldier and Civilian PA practitioners who best represent the highest standards of the Army.

The Moss-Holland Civilian Print Journalist of the Year award recognizes the civilian journalist who best exemplifies Army print journalism.

The one-time award is named in honor of John Moss and Peggy Holland, two civilian print journalists who worked for the Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion and were killed in the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City.

As a nominee, Stabibsky had to clearly exceed prescribed standards in all areas, including reporting and writing abilities, moral and ethical character, and conduct.

He also had to submit a letter of nomination with regional command endorsement and five different examples of his work, including at least one story from three different writing categories.

This year, Stabinsky won for articles including: "Adding Strength to Army Strong: ensures no Soldier is alone when facing hardship," "Walls to climb, obstacles to overcome, race to run: FORSCOM employee excels at fitness competition," "Survivor outreach program helps loved ones heal" (right), "Historians train future chroniclers of the past," and "Home-grown gangs provide dangerous threat to local communities, servicemembers."

"I thought I had a good selection, but think overall it was my features that made the difference. Feature writing is probably my strong point," Stabinsky said.

Each was found to meet the highest standards of production, execution and professional excellence, while contributing to the command information objectives of the Army.

As this year's JOY, Stabinsky will receive a trophy and certificate from OCPA in an appropriate ceremony.

Additionally, OCPA will submit military and civilian medals commensurate with the accomplishment with the Army chief of PA making determination.

OCPA's Resource Management Division staff will facilitate all funding requirements and will initiate the submission of appropriate medals.

A native of Marlin, Pa. Stabinsky has served in the Fort McPherson U.S. Army Garrison as assistant editor for the "Sentinel" since November 2008.

Prior to his hiring, he served as a PA Soldier (MOS 46Q), completing his enlistment at Fort Stewart with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team (2nd BCT), Third Infantry Division, with whom he deployed to Iraq from May 2007 until July 2008.

While serving with the 2nd BCT, as an NCO, Stabinsky was responsible for editing and producing the brigade's command information newsletter, "The Spartan Chronicle," which won first place in the 2007 KLW field publication category.

"It's great to win, but it is only the beginning," Stabinsky said, adding he hopes to win future awards in individual categories. "There are still aspects, styles and categories of writing I can improve on."