After recording a 6-0 regular season record, the Spyder Monkeys capped off a perfect season defeating Los Conquistadores 10-7 in the Maneuver Captains' Career Course Mega Bowl No. 6 March 11 at Doughboy Stadium.

Instead of using a coin toss to determine who would get the ball first, the teams competed in a rock, paper, scissors challenge. Los Conquistadores rocked it. The Spyder Monkeys received and less than a minute into the game, scored their first touchdown, to lead 1-0. At halftime, The Spyder Monkeys led 6-5. The Spyder Monkeys scored four touchdowns in the second half while Los Conquistadores missed several scoring opportunities and didn't score until the final six minutes of the game.

Competing in the Mega Bowl is where every team wants to be at the end of the season, Bryan Herzog, Spyder Monkey and MCCC student, said.

"It's a privilege to make it to the end of the season and be able to compete in the Megabowl," He said. "It was a hard-fought game by both teams."

Michael Reber, MCCC instructor and Spyder Monkeys coach, said he couldn't be prouder of the team.

"I harped on teamwork the whole season and they really came together," he said. "The other team definitely gave us a run for our money."

After winning, the Spyder Monkeys were presented with a painted-green eagle trophy. In the past, the team who wins can paint the trophy their team color. The Spyder Monkies won't be changing the color because their team color is green.

The championship is a tradition at MCCC, Reber said. What began as regular football games in MCCC turned into a competitive fight to make it to the Megabowl.

"We use this as a way to teach the guys about the warrior spirit," Reber said. "And it also teaches them they should be competitive no matter what they are doing."

Once a week, instead of doing PT, the classes compete against each other in football games. The top two teams in the league compete in the Mega Bowl. The bottom two teams compete in what MCCC staff calls the "Toilet Bowl."

Since January, the teams have played one preseason game and six regular season games.

The Mega Bowl is planned right before the two-day Battleforge test on purpose, Reber said. It's meant to be a stress reliever for the students.

"The game takes your mind off the test for a little bit so you can go into the test a little more relaxed," said Ben Nakamura, MCCC student.

The test will mark the halfway point in the cycle. The students are slated to graduate in June.