CAMP HOVEY South Korea - More than 100 Soldiers and Family Members came together to participate in a 5k and 10k run event that took place March 6 at the Hovey Physical Fitness Center. The event was put together by Family, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation, Sports Division.

The run was composed of two categories, 30 and over and 29 and under age groups. It started in front of the Hovey PFC and continued up to the Carey Physical Fitness Center on Casey Garrison, which was the turnaround point for the lap. The 5k members ran one lap and the 10k runners lapped twice.

Medals were given to those who placed 1 through 3 in both events, and categories.

John Hamilton, who placed 1 in the 10k with a time of 40:02, said the competition was good. Hamilton and his unit took home the most medals.

"I want everybody who ran to know they did a good job," Hamilton said. "Everyone got out and was motivated to run, and that's what it's all about. Getting out, enjoying yourself and knowing you can do something you are not used to doing."

I felt good during the run, Hamilton said. Hamilton felt like someone was closely behind him while he was running, but it turned out to be a car kicking up rocks.

Hamilton ran impressively from start to finish. He started out in the front of the pack and set a fast pace, and finished strong. Hamilton managed to come across the tape without a loss in step.

"It was perfect running weather," said Cody Stehlik, who placed 2 in the 10k event with a time of 41:11. "I couldn't have asked for better weather, it was warm enough not to get overheated and cool enough for comfortable breathing.

"I run almost every day and I have participated in triathlons and run events before, but this was my first on a base run event. It was a good experience. I was happy with my place in the run, Hamilton crushed me, but I'll take second."

James Deberry placed 1 in the 5k with a very impressive time of 17:07. "I work out and run six days a week and this was the best I've seen in a while," Deberry said.

"I'm more of a 1 mile or 800 meter guy. Originally, I didn't plan on participating in this run, but my Sergeant Major called me out to run, and I love the competition so I signed up."

"I participate in as many of these run events as possible. I really enjoyed this one because of the turnout and competition. I felt as if there was someone right behind me the entire run."

In the Women's division of the 5k run, Bevin Goldsmith finished 1 with a time of 23:30, Jamielee Kone finished 2 with a time of 25:56, and Karen Moore finished 3 with a time of 26:39.

Women's Master 30 years and over, Jennifer Pirtle finished 1 with a time of 26:46, Tresa Craddolph finished 2 with a time of 27:06, and Lois Colwell finished 3 with a time of 28:27.

For the 5k run Men's Division Joseph Hatcher finished 2 with a time of 18:41, Cornell Thibodeaux finished 3 with a time of 19:48.

For the Men's Master 30 years and over 5k, Javier Ortega finished 1 with a time of 18:11, Joshua Johnson finished 2 with a time of 19:51, and Yonni Ruiz finished 3 with a time of 20:45.

For the Women's Division 10k run Open 29 years and under, Katie Corby finished 1 with a time of 46:23, Natasha Deluca finished 2 with a time of 48:21, Julie Yoong finished 3 with a time of 50:00.

Women's Division Master 30 years and over Lashell Davis finished 1 with a time of 59:51; Heather Lewis finished 2 with a time of 1:3:48.

In the Men's Division Open, 29 years and under, Denaed Honeysuckle finished 3 with a time of 42:18.

For the Master 30 years and over, Dominic During finished 1 with a time of 43:21, Craig Markiewicz finished 2 with a time of 43:58, and Mark Thurman finished 3 with a time of 44:16.

"There was a great turnout for this event," said Randy Behr, USAG-Red Cloud athletic director. "Runners have a certain bond that brings them together in these types of events. These events are popular and easy to run and many people enjoy participating in them."

There are three to five running events yearly, Behr said. Run events are good for the morale of the people participating because they enjoy the competition.

"The sports program in Korea is an outstanding program," said Command Sgt. Maj. John Fortune, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team command sergeant major. "I have been many places all over the world and there is no place like Korea's FMWR, which has many varieties of activities for service members and Family members."

"Competition between units definitely plays a role in boosting the morale of run participants."
"These guys run fast. The times that these first place guys ran were very impressive."