U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command Rock Island employees received Quad City Federal Executive Association Awards at a luncheon held May 30 at the Stoney Creek Inn, Moline, Ill.

The awards are presented annually to employees of various federal and postal organizations in the Quad City area.

Winners by category were:

Coach/Manager/Executive, Frank D. Rogers
Clerical/Administrative, Diane M. Gardner
Community Service, Elyse E. Meade
Technical/Professional, Leanne E. Buchholz,

Extra Mile Award
John W. Keck
Cheryl M. Reader
Craig A. Nelson
Marsha L. Ashby
Brian J. Geurink
Jeryl A. Krumbholz
Jeanine A. Blevins
Gary S. Rogers
Stanley H. Howell
James L. Rollins
Deborah J. Lesley
Daryl P. Meyer
Jimmy L. Miller Jr.
John M. Naughton
Merlin L. Osborn
Vicki L. Rasmussen
Joanne A. Laster
Charissa Nicole Gray
Patrick J. Hall
William B. Jensen
Bryan O. Kammer
Traci K. Kammer
Sidney C. Kemmis
William R. Fairman
Clifford J. Gerich
Stephen P. Dierickx
Wayne F. Cook
Brian V. Connelly
Karie L. Bowman
Douglas B. Carlstrom
Michael D. Cohorst
Kevin L. Collins
Joan F. Sunderbruch-Wysoske
Brian D. Andrae
Tanya L. Campbell
Kathy M. Carlson
John T. Christiansen
Karen L. Conger
David D. Deanda
Gabriel J. Dena
Marilyn M. Emerick
Randy R. Lange
Tricia L. Nichols