PICATINNY ARSENAL, N.J. - Picatinny officials met with the Army's top Acquisition, Logistics and Technology leaders, Army Materiel Command brass and other senior Army officials March 2 - 4 to discuss the current state of the Materiel Enterprise.

Dean Popps, acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology and Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody, Commanding General of the Army Materiel Command, met with Brig. Gen. Larry Wyche, Commanding General of the Joint Munitions and Lethality Life Cycle Management Command; Brig. Gen. Jonathan A. Maddux, Program Executive Officer for Ammunition; and Dr. Joseph A. Lannon, Director of the Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center, as well as about 100 other experts in industry during the three-day conference.

The purpose of the portfolio review was for Wyche, Maddux, Lannon and others to update Popps and Dunwoody on their respective areas of responsibility and to create a common operating picture across the enterprise while improving communication and collaboration.

"The portfolio review exhibited to our senior leaders, their staffs, other commanders and senior Army leaders that the Joint Munitions and Lethality Ammunition Enterprise has truly integrated the acquisition, logistics and technology in munitions life cycle management," said Joseph Gormley, Chief of Staff of the JM&L LCMC.

Although the review was titled Ammunition Enterprise Portfolio Review, other entities were included in discussion such as mortar weapons and fire control, improvised explosive device identification and defeat systems, force protection systems, nonlethal capability sets and more.

During the portfolio review, Popps and Dunwoody credited Wyche, Maddux and Lannon, leaders of the three Ammunition Enterprise principals, with working together very well.

He also encouraged them, and their program teams, to continue making strides in supporting the warfighter by using holistic approaches to acquisition where applicable and to continue to make significant progress in lightening the load that Soldiers are required to carry in combat elements.

"The portfolio review was focused not so much on highlighting our success as focusing on several areas where we need assistance and support from our senior leaders," Gormley said.

The current intent is to continue these reviews annually.