YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea - The U.S. Army Reserve commanding general and command sergeant major visited South Korea during Key Resolve/Foal Eagle March 11 - 13.

U.S. Army Reserve Chief Lt. Gen. Jack Stultz and Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Schultz arrived on Yongsan Garrison March 11 to meet with U.S. troops.

Their visit to Korea began with an Eighth Army transformation brief by 8th Army leaders, including Deputy Commanding General Maj. Gen. Robert Williamson.

Williamson explained the vision of the 8th Army's transformation efforts.

Following the brief, Stultz attended interviews with AFN Korea and the Chosun Daily newspaper.

During the interviews, Stultz shared his primary goal for his visit and explained the role of the Army Reserve in Key Resolve/Foal Eagle 2010.

"My number one priority is to get out and see the Soldiers participating in the exercise who are fighting for freedom on this peninsula and to support the future of Korea with the Army Reserve," said Stultz. "There are 600 to 700 reserve servicemembers participating in the exercise in various fields, such as engineering, medical supports, logistics and other fields all providing augmentation to 8th Army."

"I thank every man and woman in uniform for your service in Korea and I thank the Korean people for their consistent partnership," Stultz said during the interview.

Stultz and Schultz also visited Camp Humphreys on March 12 and Camp Walker on March 13, wrapping up their four-day visit.