CAMP GUERNSEY, Wyo. - Atop the highest mountain peak he could find - more than 5,000 feet high, a 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division Soldier re-enlisted during off-post training in Camp Guernsey, Wyo., Feb 13.

The Wyoming mountains served as an impressive yet somber background as Pvt. Timothy English, Company F, 2nd Battalion 30th Infantry Regiment once again swore his loyalty and his service to the country he loves. English' company commander, Capt. Derrick Lyles read the oath of enlistment as two Co. F Soldiers held an American flag high behind them.

"I just saw it (the view), and I knew that's where I wanted to be re-enlisted," said English. "It made me feel really happy (and) it made me feel important."

As if the trek to a mountain summit is not tough enough, the group of Soldiers attending the ceremony, including 2-30 IN's battalion commander and command sergeant major, had to make the climb during a snowstorm. The storm proved so severe that, later in the day, it eventually closed down the roads at Camp Guernsey.

"I'm going to take the picture of us up there and get it framed," said Lyles, who commented that he had not climbed a mountain before. "And that's something I'm always going to be able to say; that I climbed a mountain to re-enlist one of my Soldiers."

Sgt. 1st Class Taffany Davis is the career counselor for 2-30 IN. She said she has facilitated a ton of re-enlistments for Soldiers during her four years a career counselor, but this one was special.

"I would have to say it was the best re-enlistment ceremony I've ever done," said Davis. "It was certainly the most adventurous. I was just really glad to see him out there ... (and) to see the support he had from his NCOs (non-commissioned officers) and his commander."

As part of his three-year re-enlistment contract, English soon will be heading to Fort Stewart, Ga. to continue his duties as an 88M driver.

"I've got some Family up there, so it'll be nice to be there around them," said English, who will make the move to Georgia with his wife and newborn son, Timothy Jr. "I've bounced back (from getting myself in trouble), and I'm definitely staying in. I'm going to be a sergeant major."