The Office of the Federal Environmental Executive today, June 12, presented 2007 Closing the Circle Awards to Army Headquarters and to Fort Hood, Texas. The CTC Awards recognize outstanding achievements of Federal employees and their facilities for efforts that resulted in significant contributions to, or have made a significant positive impact regarding, environmental stewardship.

The awards focus on waste prevention, recycling, and green purchasing activities, environmental management, green/sustainable building, electronics stewardship, and reduced fuel usage. This year also includes three special "Sowing the Seeds" awards that recognize leadership in setting future vision.

Army headquarters received one of the "Sowing the Seeds" awards for the Army Strategy for the Environment and subsequent efforts to advance sustainability throughout the Army. The Solid Waste and Recycle Team at Fort Hood received an award in Waste/Pollution Prevention - Military for Every Waste a Reuse Opportunity. In addition, the Absorbent Reuse Program Team at the Aviation Center Logistic Command at Fort Rucker received an Honorable Mention in Recycling - Military for Absorbent Reuse Program Close the Circle.

"Acceptance of these prestigious awards confirms that Army Sustainability is on the move, and gaining momentum. We're building green, buying green, and going green. I'm confident this recognition will spark others to action," said Mr. Tad Davis, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Environment, Safety and Occupational Health.

The Office of the Federal Environmental Executive is part of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and works to promote sustainability environmental stewardship throughout the Federal government by assisting agencies in integrating environmental considerations into their operations.

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