FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. -- On Feb. 23, students attending the Senior Leader Course, Class 10-002, at Fort Huachuca's Noncommissioned Officer Academy, donated $348 to Prestigious Assisted Living for future special activities in thanks for the care Prestigious Assisted Living provides to veterans.

The students chose this organization because it has the most veteran residents of all assisted living centers in Sierra Vista. The center will use the money for bingo, special dinners and more.
The Soldiers raised the money during a barbecue lunch and presented it to Linda Borgstadt, Prestige Assisted Living executive director.

Sgt. 1st Class Timathy Bevis from Fort Carson, Colo., was the noncommissioned officer in charge of the project.

The theme of their class project was "Past, Present and Future." During the dedication, Bevis said, "We must learn from our past, do our best in the present in order to succeed in the future."

The class raised the money and donated it in honor of the veterans' prior military service. The barbecue was a meal commemorating the Soldiers in present-day service. The NCOs also planted an aspen poplar tree, a symbol of the future, at the NCO Academy, Building 62722.

"This small tree represents newly enlisted Soldiers who have very little experience. It will grow and become strong just as all of the NCOs will eventually [it is hoped] become Sergeants Major of the Military Intelligence Corps."

Master Sgt. F. Cullen Scarborough, deputy commandant for the NCOA said, "Thanks to the entire class for helping out our local community. When we deploy, the community steps up to take care of our families left behind."

Borgstadt added the first scoop of dirt to cover and anchor the roots and one by one, the students followed, each one adding a shovelful of soil.

First Sgt. Cary Brown of the NCO Academy thanked the class for giving to the community and looking to the future.

The students spent almost eight weeks attending the class at the NCOA, and graduated Feb. 24.

The class they attended focused on developing the NCOs' leadership skills, with the goal of returning the students to their respective units as stronger leaders.