FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Fayetteville Technical Community College at Fort Bragg provides free, year-round programs designed to help improve Soldiers' basic and more advanced skills.

For the spring semester, the school is offering courses in counseling skills and human relations, management and effective writing techniques. The school also continuously offers the Basic Skills Education Program, which is designed to help Soldiers raise their general technology scores, prepare for college, and improve math and English skills.

In addition, FTCC offers several courses for Soldiers who need new, or updated skills related to their military occupational specialties.

"All of our classes will prepare students to be better Soldiers," said Richard Rice, director of operations for the FTCC branch serving Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base. "Whether they want to prepare for college and a civilian job, change their branches in the Army, or get ready to go overseas, our job here is to help them get there."

All of the classes are taught at the Soldier Development Center in Building 2-1728 on Armistead St. and are free for active-duty servicemembers.

Interested Soldiers should contact their unit designated education representatives for more information about how to enroll or call FTCC directly, for questions and class schedules, at 396-2351/6982.

The following is a list of current FTCC courses at Fort Bragg:
Basic Skills Education Program
Transportation Coordinator's Automated Information for Movement System II
Unit Movement Officer course
Digital Training Management System
Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced
Maintenance Management
Standard Army Maintenance System Enhanced
Counseling Skills and Human Relations
Maintenance Management
Supervision and Management
Effective Writing Techniques