HILTON HEAD, S.C. (FEB., 23, 2010) The Army Strong Bonds retreat is a no brainer, you are being paid to attend, you are staying at a beautiful resort, and you are receiving world class instruction on communication, intimacy, and conflict management skills, thatAca,!a,,cs according to Chaplain Col. Steven Dyess the 81st Regional Support Command Chaplain.More than 70 married couples and approximately 30 single Soldiers took part in a Strong Bonds retreat for Army Reservists at a hotel resort in Hilton Head, S.C., hosted by the 81st RSC, Feb., 19-21 2010. Strong Bonds is a chaplain led program designed to help Soldiers improve on their relationships and in the end increase the ArmyAca,!a,,cs overall readiness rate.Capt. Jared Corsi a civil engineer with the 926th Engineer Brigade and his wife, Katherine participated in the retreat."It has been very surprising so far, I honestly did not think the Army would send us to a place like this. This is one of those places you want to be able to see at least once in your lifetime," said Jared Corsi.The CorsiAca,!a,,cs reflected on their own marriage while interacting with other couples during the classroom portion of the retreat.Aca,!A"It was nice to know that you are not the only couple going through different issues in your marriage,Aca,!A? said, Katherine Corsi. Aca,!A"It is nice to see that they have had the same feelings or thoughts as you. It was helpful being seated next to other couples.Aca,!A?The retreat allowed Corsi and his wife to focus on each other and forget about their everyday life challenges."I enjoyed the sessions I never really get to sit down with my husband that long. We were holding hands and learning together. It was nice to see that we have a good marriage," said, Katherine.The program also helps single Soldiers establish relationship goals and gain the skills needed to help make better choices when picking a partner."I think the Army has matured. I am very pleased where the senior Army leadership is at today in support of Army Family Programs,Aca,!A? said, Col. Marvin Benton, 302nd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade Commander, a single Soldier taking part in the retreat. Aca,!A"Fifteen years ago we never had a program like this."A booklet in the course literature titled Aca,!A"How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk or JerketteAca,!A? introduced single Soldiers to the Aca,!A"Relationship Attachment Model.Aca,!A? Conceptually the model protects the individual from blinding love, and provides a map for pacing the relationship.Aca,!A"IAca,!a,,cve been able to sit back and listen to other peoples experiences and their beliefs and their feelings on relationships and IAca,!a,,cve been able to share some of my own,Aca,!A? said, Sgt. Autumn Hope a single Soldier with the 314th Public Affairs Operation Center, Birmingham, Ala. Aca,!A"It is nice just to be in this environment where weAca,!a,,cre all here kind of for the same reason and it is safe.Aca,!A?Soldiers looking to attend a Strong Bonds retreat are encouraged to contact their unit chaplains and information is available online at www.strongbonds.org.Aca,!A"I am going to spread the word to the rest of the Soldiers of my personal experience here,Aca,!A? said Corsi, Aca,!A"We are very thankful and I think it is an effective program.Aca,!A?