Gjilan/Gnjilane, Kosovo - Multi-National Battle Group-East's (MNBG-E) leading expert on radiology medicine shared his experience and knowledge on "Emergency Radiology" with doctors from the this area at a Regional Grand Rounds event Feb. 15.

Maj. Stephen Christian is the chief radiologist for MNBG-E's medical facility on Camp Bondsteel. In his civilian life, he works for Florence Radiology Associates, part of Mcleod Health Systems in Florence, S.C. In his presentation, he explained the concepts of evidenced-based radiology and how to apply radiological medicine in trauma situations.

"I wanted to share the processes that we use to decide when and how to apply these techniques," Christian said. "It's a lot like teaching people how to fish so that they can benefit themselves and the people in Kosovo."

Christian also touched how radiology can be used in the treatment of cervical spine and abdominal traumas.

The event was coordinated and hosted by local physician, Dr. Xhavit Hajdari, director of the Gjilan/Gnjilane Hospital, and was attended by more than 75 local doctors and health professionals.

Dr. Hajdari said the Grand Rounds event on Emergency Radiology said he was pleased with the great number of people who attended the event.

"The presentation was very interesting for us to learn about new procedures and techniques that deal with multiple trauma and other situations that we see every day," Hajdari said. "It was also important to know that it is good that we have 24-hour shifts, especially, for our trauma physicians and our five radiologists who are the ones that deal with these problems the most."

Hajdari added that the presentation also highlighted the need for a standardized system for determining how to prioritize which patients should undergo CAT Scan procedures.

But Hajdari said the main reason for hosting medical seminars like the one that took place Feb. 15 is to improve the quality of healthcare in Kosovo.

"Our first goal is always that we are serving our public faster and more efficiently," he said.

Maj. Christopher Burgess Maj. Christopher A. Burgess, Canton, Mich., Camp Bondsteel's Grand Rounds coordinator, said MNBG-E's Task Force Med Falcon puts on Regional Grand Rounds on a regular basis.

"We always have a local host doctor to help us set up the events," said Burgess. "They assist us in finding a location and spreading the word to the medical community"

Events were held in Kamenica/Kamenice and Viti/Vitina in October and November and in Ferizaj/Urosevac in January. Also, last month, Task Force Med Falcon played host to a first-of-its-kind Veterinary Grand Rounds on Camp Bondsteel.

"Kosovo's medical professionals are highly skilled and devoted to their missions to improve and save lives," said Brig. Gen. Al Dohrmann, MNBG-E's commander. "The Grand Rounds events provide an opportunity for our doctors and Kosovo's doctors to learn from each other, as well as to show that people with different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds can work and learn together."


Multi-National Battle Group - East is a U.S- led unit, commanded by Brig. Gen. Al Dohrmann. This Battle Group is comprised of nearly 2,200 Soldiers, including Task Force Hellas and Task Force POL/UKR (Polish/Ukraine). The charter mission of MNBG-E is maintaining a Safe and Secure Environment and providing Freedom of Movement for the people in Kosovo.
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