FORT BELVOIR, Va. -- Editor's note: We asked members of the community to tell us how they fared in the recent storm. Here are a few of the comments we got from some of our faithful, and new, Facebook friends. Thank you to all who submitted.

My family and I listened to early warnings and prepared accordingly for the storms. We bought shovels, salt, extra food, and made sure we had plenty of warm clothes. But, most importantly, we relied on friends and neighbors to help us out. The Belvoir community really came together. The Belvoir Facebook page gave us up-to-date information; so, thank God for social networking. Even when the power went out, we could use our phones to monitor what was going down.
Sgt. 1st Class Randy Randolph

We watched movies on laptops - while the batteries held out, played board games, drank wine (adults only), ate easy-to-make snacks, had a big pot of chicken soup for dinner, read books and had the kids paint pictures of tropical scenes to pass the time! Honestly ... it was a lot of fun, and the house never got all that cold!!
Capt. Heather Andrews,
Jadwin Village

It was like living in a snow globe that someone kept shaking. Took a walk in George Washington Village with my daughter and it was so beautiful with snow falling on our faces. Laughing, smiling and sliding down the street. The housing team was out shoveling and plows were out. My husband shoveled and shoveled and still is shoveling. Took tons of pictures of what Mother Nature gave us. How beautiful it is just to see everyone helping neighbors, kids playing, snowball fights, snowmen, snow forts and kids just being kids, drinking hot coca [and coffee].
Most of all, I spent quality time with my wonderful hubby and children.
Kara Kramer,
George Washington Village.

The Bart Clan recipe for surviving the snowstorms, cabin fever and power outages on Fort Belvoir: rice pudding cooked in Grandma's double boiler and a stock pot of water heated on the gas stove; snow shovels bought 24 years ago in North Dakota; bird feeder, binoculars, reference books, and cameras; sleds and snow boots brought from Alaska; hand-crank flashlights that don't need batteries; camping lanterns from Kansas; large, bright candles; wooden matches; home-schooling; books and book lights; board games and card games next to the fireplace; and, warm blankets and kids piled into the same bed. We had fun!
Lt. Col. Bruce and Christine Bartholomew,
Forney Loop

I survived the storm by taking many deep breaths when my children brought in 10 pounds of snow on their boots every time they came in. I also caught up on all my online college work - when the power was up. The best way I spent my time trying to survive the storm is BlackBerry messaging and texting other moms in the same situation to keep my sanity!
Mandi Troupe,
Vernondale Village