PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. -- While the Presidio of Monterey is known for its premiere language school, it is also home to some very talented community members.

Recently, those community members were able to share their art work with fellow coworkers during the first Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Technology Integration Division Art Exposition at the Weckerling Center here Jan. 29.

The TI division invited staff and faculty members from all the language schools to the afternoon event to view the artistic talents of the TI members, said Van Ipson, TI division associate dean.

"This was also an opportunity to provide faculty the opportunity to see how TI personnel can liven up their classroom instruction materials and presentations, in addition to (having) a possible increase in interactive resources in their instructional blocks," Ipson said.

The exposition was also a welcome opportunity to bring some attention to the TI members who don't have the chance to see the personnel on the Presidio of Monterey as they toil away in their offices on Monte Vista.

"Most don't see the 'blood, sweat and tears,' that go into what we do," Sabine Wolpers, a TI Division project manager.

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Commandant Col. Sue Ann Sandusky stopped by to admire the works of the oft seen division.

"I am continually amazed and impressed by the amount of talent - in so many different areas - that our faculty and staff bring to DLI. TI is really on the cutting-edge of bringing the graphic arts and technology together in support of language learning," Sandusky said.

"I appreciate TI's leadership in this area," she said, "and I was delighted to see the work of TI personnel, along with wonderful pieces from other DLI artists on display."