Battle Command Training Center-Leavenworth

What is it'

The Battle Command Training Center-Leavenworth provides battle command and staff training and training support to Army National Guard (ARNG) Soldiers and units prior to mobilization AcE+' preparing for full spectrum operations in a joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational environment. The center is a federal field operating agency of the ARNG with more than 100 personnel at its 42-acre campus at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. The training complex hosts Division Warfighter Exercises and can accommodate other large command post exercises. This includes two field training sites totaling 2.9 acres with power and communications infrastructure - enough room for two brigade tactical operations centers (TOCs).

What has the Battle Command Training Center done'

The Battle Command Training Center coordinates three programs: the Army Battle Command Systems-Support Team (ABCS-ST), the Battalion Staff Training Team (BSTT), and the Training Analysis Feedback Team (TAFT).

Aca,!Ac The ABCS-ST provides battle command systems leader and operator training and systems support to enable them to integrate into a digital command and control architecture.

Aca,!Ac The BSTT assists ARNG commanders via battle staff training and leader development to provide trained and ready battalion commanders and staffs that can fight and win decisively. The BSTT conducts military decision making process training over drill weekends by way of a staff exercise and a simulation exercise.

Aca,!AcA-a,!A The TAFT identifies and analyzes training trends across the ARNG. This includes providing lessons learned; tips, techniques, and procedures (TTPs); and task performance aids from battle staff training events to ARNG Soldiers and units.

What efforts does the Battle Command Training Center have planned for the future'

The Battle Command Training Center expects to train more than 12,000 personnel from 300 units at over 300 events at its facility and via mobile training teams in FY10. With the plus-up in Afghanistan and the draw-down in Iraq, the net effect in FY10 and beyond is for more combat trained Soldiers to return to the homeland and their over 3,000 readiness centers and continue to hone their skills through realistic and enduring training programs.

Why is this important to the Army National Guard'

The Battle Command Training Center provides battle command and staff training and training support at no cost to the unit. In FY09, the center trained 10,500 personnel from 290 units at over 300 events. This training significantly enhanced the battle command capabilities of ARNG Soldiers, staffs and commanders, better preparing them for mobilization and deployment.


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