RED CLOUD GARRISON - In an attempt to promote a sense of independence and to cope with the lack of beauty salons in Area I, Warrior Country wives spent the day at the Red Cloud Pear Blossom Cottage for a class called "All about your hair" Jan. 20.

The only beauty salon in Area I with regular business hours is located on Casey. Camp Stanley does have a beauty salon, but is only open two days a week on Friday and Saturday because of the lack of business. The same fate closed the salon on Red Cloud in 2008.

Maggie Shermer, a spouse living in the Uijeongbu community near Red Cloud, explained the difficulties she faced when she went outside of the garrison to a Korean beauty salon that was recommended to her.

"It was difficult to find the salon, and once I did, it was more difficult to find parking," Shermer said. "The salon was expensive compared to what I was expected and the end result was not what I wanted because the stylist cut my hair like most of the Korean women wear it which is a fitting look for me."

Isaira Hutchinson, a spouse new to Korea living in Yangju, was a stylist in Colombia, where she was born and raised, taught the women in attendance the basics of how to maintain their hair and style it in the manner that fits them.

"We learned how to take care of our hair, and 'Isa' did demonstrations showing different types of hair: curly, wavy, straight and others as well," said Claudia Figueroa, a spouse that visits the PBC. "We just asked her questions about proper blow-drying techniques; the correct way to use flat-iron and other beauty products she recommends for different types of hair."

At the end of the class, all of the women were in better spirits than when they first entered the PBC. They gained knowledge about how to design their hair and were excited about the coming classes the PBC will offer about makeup in the spring.

"I am glad the PBC is having classes like this because it is important we learn how to take care of our hair," said Marlese Burrowes, wife of Command Sgt. Maj. Peter Burrowes, 2nd Infantry Division command sergeant major. "There is nothing wrong with doing your own hair, especially if you are not able to go to Casey or Yongsan where women feel comfortable getting their hair done. I think the 'All about your hair' class helped us learn more about it."