Army Readiness Division (ODR)

What is it'

Army Readiness Division is a component of Army's Operations, Readiness and Mobilization Directorate (G-3/5/7). The division facilitates reporting of all Army units to provide Army's status in an accurate readiness picture for prioritization and resourcing decisions. The division incorporates Department of Defense and Joint Staff requirements into its readiness reporting and serves as Army's proponent for reporting policy and procedures. Additionally, the division manages the readiness reporting authoritative database for operational Army organizations, the Defense Readiness Reporting System - Army database; and the division drafts, staffs and submits Army readiness information to Congress, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Staff.

What has the Army done'

Army Readiness Division is concerned with accurate readiness reporting and analysis via the G-3/5/7 directorate's monthly Strategic Readiness Update. The division is a proponent for: Army Regulation 220-1, Army Unit Status Reporting and Force Registration; a supporting Department of the Army pamphlet; and for "how-to" guides. The division develops, maintains, and trains on Defense Readiness Reporting System - Army knowledge management tools. In addition, division members coordinate, consolidate, and synchronize the Army's operational readiness assessments across Army Staff, Army Commands, and Army Service Component Commands for the Joint Forces Readiness Review process, the Senior Readiness Oversight Council, and the Quarterly Readiness Report to Congress.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future'

The division is revising Army Regulation 220-1 to incorporate reporting requirements for Full Spectrum Operations Mission Essential Task Lists and to support the ongoing implementation of the Army force generation process. The division continues to refine the monthly Strategic Readiness Update process and it enhances the operability of the Defense Readiness Reporting System - Army and its input tool, NetUSR.

Why is this important to the Army'

Readiness division efforts allow the Army to better gauge itself and to accurately identify risks and manage resources to optimize capabilities while meeting congressional and Office of the Secretary of Defense requirements. In addition, national security decision makers require timely, accurate and objective readiness information to assess strategic risks and make critical decisions on strategy, policy and budgets.


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