CASEY GARRISON South Korea - With the swinging of hammers and the drilling of drills the Troop Medical Center on Casey kicked off its renovation to rearrange its space to include many new services and space for new equipment the morning of Jan. 15. The renovation will cost $4 million and will transform it to a Family Health Clinic, which will serve active duty Soldiers, their Family members, retirees and beneficiaries. Expected changes with this renovation will be an area dedicated to pediatric and Family care needs, an electronic pharmacy notification system, baby changing stations, a more efficient front desk area, handicap friendly bathrooms, new furniture, and an expanded immunization clinic. The renovation is expected to be finished in October.
"We can't build up and we can't build out," said Maj. Barbara Reilly, OIC, Casey Troop Health Clinic.

"Our Area I population is growing and we need to grow with them. We need to be able to provide more services for Family members, spouses and children. We do not have that capability right now because this clinic was seen as strictly a Troop Medical Clinic. Although we know eventually we will relocate down south, we have to take care of our Families now."
Department of Defense Civilians and retirees can come to the clinic for treatment along with active duty Soldiers and their Families. The clinic will bill civilian health insurance when treatment is needed, Reilly explained.

"One of the things we are doing is relocating our aviation," Reilly said. "This will open up a lot more room for our administrative offices. This will also open up more room for exam rooms in the main clinic."

Other major changes are the mental health facility has moved to building 802 across the street from the TMC.

"When they moved there it opened up a whole new wing for the TMC," Reilly explained. "That space will be our Family Center wing, which will enable us to see more patients."

Although the wall that felt the hammers and drills during the ceremony will not be coming down, some of the other walls will in the clinic.

"We are reconstructing some of the walls," she said. "This will give us more office space. Maybe one room will be made into two rooms."

"Before we were only serving active duty Soldiers," Reilly said. "We in the military are accustomed to inconveniences, but now when we bring our Families here we need to serve them in the best possible way."