USAG CASEY, Republic of Korea - Red Cloud garrison directorates and their representatives met with Soldiers, Family members and Civilians Jan. 14 in the Casey Warrior's Club to discuss progress about Warrior Country schools, child development centers, and other services as well as concerns and questions about the quality of service and changes being made in Area I.

Many questions asked were about employment. Some Family members are certified teachers and did not know where to apply for openings in the new Department of Defense Education Activity School now being constructed.

"I am a certified teacher, and I know of another spouse who also is a certified teacher," said Anna Dawkins, a Family member in attendance. "We are looking for the way to apply for teaching jobs opening in the new DoDEA Casey School."

The answer for anyone looking to apply for teaching jobs with DoDEA lies within the U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud web site under the school link: DoDEA also posts new jobs on the USAJOBS web site:

"Starting next week we will interview for a principal," said Brent Abare, USAG Casey deputy commander and town hall master of ceremonies. "When we get the principal on board we will start getting the staff together."

Work opportunities for spouses were a concern for several Family members. The question of being unable to find jobs in the commissary or the Post Exchange on Casey or Camp Stanley where many new Family members live came to the floor.

"There are opportunities for spouses who apply for positions on the Civilian Personnel Online web site," said Geraldine Jones, USAG Red Cloud Civilian Personnel Advisory Center director. "If you are interested in jobs here and apply for them online you will have an opportunity to be hired."

The CPOL web site can be found at:

"We are currently recruiting for an employment specialist to help spouses find jobs," said Linda Hough, USAG Casey Army Community Services chief. "This specialist will help in writing resumes and doing job searches, and interviewing. We hope to have a person on board soon to help spouses and dependents find jobs."

"If you are a third-country national and there are no internal candidates available, we will open the job up to spouses, including spouses who are third-country nationals," Jones said.

The question of how many jobs will be created in the garrison because of tour normalization and the changes being made at present cannot be answered at this time, Abare explained, because there is no data available at present.

The question of how to get on post and to the Troop Medical Center quickly when there is a medical emergency involving a Family member living off post came to the floor.

"We are always there and we are always available," said Maj. Barbara Reilly, OIC, Casey Troop Health Clinic. "Call our emergency numbers 730-6142 or 730-4320 and we will be there to help you get on post and to the TMC."

The question of lowering the drinking age on post and for Soldiers in Korea came to the floor.

"The efforts being made to reduce the acts of indiscipline on and off post in Area I are several," said Lt. Col. Richard Fromm, USAG Casey commander. "We recognize we have a problem with Soldiers drinking downtown. We are considering stopping people from leaving post when they have had too much alcohol. We are considering adjusting the curfew so that it doesn't punish Soldiers that obey regulations.

These are only a few solutions we are considering now; there have been no decisions made at this time. Once a decision is made, Col. Larry 'Pepper' Jackson, USAG Red Cloud commander and I have quarterly meetings with the club owners, and we will inform them of the new regulations. Once a decision is made the garrison will adjust their policies accordingly."

The question of furniture delivery and fees for deliveries had to be made using a furniture lift came to the floor.

Some new Family members were surprised at the cost of delivery of household items that cannot be delivered by using the elevator in the building, but had to be delivered using a lift to transport the furniture up and through the windows of the apartment.

The fees for this type of delivery in Korea can be as much as 90,000 won. Apartments in Korea usually do not have freight elevators or utility elevators. If the furniture items are too large to fit in the normal passenger elevator, they must use a furniture lift, which incurs an extra fee.

The question about the Casey commissary being too small to serve a population that has grown and in the future will get larger with more command-sponsored Families moving in came to the floor.

The answer was there are no plans currently to enlarge the commissary.

A question was raised about pet policies at Casey Lodge because many Families are moving is with pets.

"There is a pet policy Army wide for Army lodges," said Gordon Niederhauser, Casey Lodge manager. "Casey Lodge pet policy complies with the Army lodging pet policy. There is a one-time deep cleaning fee of $75 for a pet and an additional charge of $10 per night. The reason for this fee is because many people who will need to stay in that room may be allergic to pet dander and any other things pets may bring to the room. If you bring a pet in a room at the Lodge, it will have to be sanitized when you leave."

At the beginning of the meeting Fromm pointed out all the new construction in progress on Casey. The most important being the new DoDEA School, which will open in August and the new Child Development Center along with a new and much larger space for Army Community Services.

All three of these new services will bring the Casey garrison much closer to tour normalization standards and they will all be conveniently located between the Indianhead golf course and the Gateway Club.

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