CAMP ADDER, Iraq - Country singers Kellie Pickler, Jamey Johnson and Randy Houser performed a concert Jan. 17 as part of a United Service Organizations tour at memorial hall at Camp Adder, Iraq.
This was Johnson and Houser's first USO tour, but the military setting was nothing new for Johnson, who served in the Marines from 1994 to 2002.

"I have enjoyed this whole week," said Johnson. "It has been a lot like hanging out with my (Marine Corps) brothers."
Johnson said the tour was a good learning experience for him.
"It is incredible," said Johnson. "My unit was deployed the same week I got discharged. I barely missed it the first time. So, it was about time I got over here to kind of see what was going on out here. It was eye-opening."

Spc. Phillip G. Jackson Jr., a computer repair specialist with the 36th Sustainment Brigade and a Burleson, Texas, native, said he has been a country music fan for about 16 years.
Jackson said he was impressed with the concert and was particularly excited to hear Johnson perform.
"I really enjoyed Jamie Johnson's songs; Randy Houser was a close second," said Jackson. "I got to listen to them sing and crack jokes, it was pretty fun."
Jackson said he would like to see more shows like this one.

"I would like to see more country singers over here, I know they come over here when they can ... but I have never really heard of too many country singers who do tours at this many (bases)," said Jackson.
Johnson said he was impressed with his experience so far and the service members he met during his tour.
"I do not think I had any idea what to expect," said Johnson. "(It is) exactly what I kind of hoped to find when I got here, you know, just a bunch of good men and women pulling together. We have the world's best military force."