FORT CARSO, Colo. - Military Police from across Fort Carson participated in the Emergency Vehicle Operation Course, a road test designed to familiarize MPs with their vehicles, situational driving and obstacle navigation skills, Jan. 12. The driving course is one part of the Law Enforcement Certification training that military police officers undergo to become familiar with legal and operational procedures at Fort Carson and the Front Range communities. "The EVOC driving range is calculated to simulate different situations that an MP will confront in the execution of their responsibilities on a daily basis," said Sgt. Carlos Torres, lead supervisor for the EVOC basic course.Torres stated that the driving course, conducted at the Transportation Division Deployment Operations Staging Area, is one of the best courses he has seen in his experience as a police officer, testing students' abilities to negotiate speed, obstacles and a variety of driving situations."The course allows Soldiers to have hands-on experience, operate a vehicle through a variety of situations, while maneuvering under a controlled setting," said Torres.The EVOC builds confidence in a military police officer's abilities with patrol vehicles, emphasizing the different road conditions and unpredictable situations Soldiers may experience while on patrol at Fort Carson and the Greater Colorado Spring area.First-time students in the course said that lessons learned provided them with additional confidence necessary to perform their duties and responsibilities."It is an excellent training experience, especially for Soldiers who have not had the chance to drive MP vehicles," said Staff Sgt. Matthew Radcliffe, 59th MP Company, 759th MP Battalion. "Before this training, I only had experience operating tactical vehicles while deployed."Sgt. Toddrick Murry, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, said that the EVOC was a good opportunity to apply the instruction covered during classroom training."The hands-on experience we have received today help military police gain experience while at the same time operate under a safe and controlled training environment," said Murry.The Fort Carson Police Department will continue training military police officers in law enforcement procedures throughout the month of January. Certifications will be presented Jan. 29.