Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program Extended to Family Members

What is it'

Family members play a significant role in a Soldier's life by supporting their resilience and well-being. This is why family members now have the opportunity to participate in the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) program by taking the Global Assessment Tool and self-development modules.

CSF is a holistic fitness program for Soldiers, family members and Army civilians that is designed to enhance performance and build resilience. Participation in the CSF program begins with the Global Assessment Tool (GAT), an online, confidential survey that measures a person's level of strength in four dimensions: social, spiritual, emotional and family.

What has the Army done'

The Army worked in conjunction with national experts along with military psychologists to establish this program and to develop self-directed training designed for family members.

Soldiers received initial access to the GAT and the online self-development training modules in October 2009. As the program has evolved, these elements have become available for family members, as well.

The GAT is available to family members now by visiting Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Web site. Once the GAT is complete, family members will be able to immediately access the tools and training designed to enhance their resilience.

What does the Army have planned for the future'

Ultimately, all Soldiers will undergo this assessment as they begin their military service, and periodically throughout their careers. Recognizing that strong, resilient families are essential to the Army, family members will be highly encouraged to avail themselves of the program and its tools for enhancing resilience.

The Army also recognizes the critical role Army civilians play in strengthening our nation. A similar assessment tool and self-development modules will be made available to this group in March 2010.

Why is this important for family members'

Though not mandatory for family members, it is strongly encouraged for them to participate in the CSF program in conjunction with their Soldier in order to maximize the benefits to the entire family. The online training in the dimensions of strength will enhance and optimize one's personal resilience as well as one's relationship with others. These attributes will better prepare them to meet the ambiguous and unpredictable challenges of their personal and professional lives, and help restore balance to the Army and our Army families.


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