RED CLOUD GARRISON - Personnel claims allow Soldiers and Army civilian employees to be compensated for property loss and damage sustained incident to service. Many Soldiers file personnel claims when their household goods are lost or damaged during shipment. These comprise the vast majority of personnel claims. However, personnel claims may also be filed in other situations, for example, when Soldiers sustain losses due to fire or flood at on-post quarters. Until recently, claimants had to mail claims documents or visit the local military claims office and turn in the claim in person.

The Personnel Claims Army Information Management System (PCLAIMS), which began in October 2009, provides more options for filing personnel claims. Claims may now be filed electronically or in hard copy, and they may be filed directly against the carrier or against the government.
This new program permits Soldiers and eligible Army Civilian employees to file personnel claims against the government through the Internet, rather than having to physically visit or mail documents to a military claims office. Although paper copies of claims will still be accepted at claims offices, the new program should make it easier and faster for Army Knowledge Online registered claimants to file claims for property loss. A claimant without an AKO account must still contact their nearest military claims office to file a claim.

PCLAIMS can be accessed at the Judge Advocate General's Corps Internet site at Click on the U.S. Army Claims Service link and then click on the PCLAIMS link. The PCLAIMS link will describe the rules for filing personnel claims and will allow you to complete the required forms on line.

When using PCLAIMS, you will be asked to list all of your lost or damaged property, the purchase dates and costs, and replacement or repair costs, a requirement whether you file your claim electronically or at the claims office. Basic supporting documents, such as a government bill of lading (for transportation related claims), estimates of repair, and photos of damaged property can be scanned and added to the electronic claim. If you do not have access to a scanner, documents can be mailed or hand-carried to a military claims office, where they will be added to your claim file.

PCLAIMS should not be confused with the Full Replacement Value (FRV) program, the system applicable to transportation related claims since 2007, or the Defense Personnel Property Program (DP3), a computerized transportation program applicable to many household goods shipments since 2008. Under FRV and DP3, Soldiers and Army Civilian employees are encouraged to file transportation related claims directly against the carrier responsible for the loss.

PCLAIMS cannot be used to file claims against carriers; it can only be used for personnel claims filed against the government. Claimants who are dissatisfied with carrier settlement offers under the Full Replacement Value (FRV) or Defense Personnel Property Program (DP3) may reject the settlement offers and file their claims against the government. Such claimants can use PCLAIMS to file these new claims, but should contact the nearest military claims office before doing so. Comments or questions about PCLAIMS should be addressed to the 2nd Infantry Division Claims Offices in Freeman Hall (Bldg 631, USAG-Red Cloud, 732-6017), Maude Hall (Bldg 2440, USAG-Casey, 730-3687), or the Consolidated Legal Center on USAG-Humphreys (Bldg 734, 753-6245).