CAMP WALKER, Republic of Korea - A cross section of the U.S. Army Garrison Daegu community gathered recently to see just what happens when tots, toddlers and parents reach for the sky.

During a performance conducted by Schools of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration and Skills, children of various ages participated in a colorful holiday showcase on Camp Walker that will long be remembered.

From tae kwon do to ballet, the bright and cheerful faces of the youngsters held the audience captive as they put what they had learned into action. Dressed in brilliantly adorned attire, the children performed in a manner that would make any parent proud.

According to Kyung-suk Choi, a piano teacher participating in the event, "Even if students were beginners, they performed very well and did their best. I enjoyed watching them. I'm very happy and proud of my students. This SKIES event allows each child an enormous opportunity to display a passion for their work."

Choi's comments were right on cue, evidenced by the cheers and applause coming from an audience comprised of community well wishers and supporters.

To the spectators, nearly every child appeared confident and eager to show what they had learned through SKIES. "Not only were the children enthusiastic, but they seemed to put their all into everything including cheerleading and gymnastics. The audience had no opportunity to be bored," said one onlooker.

Kisiah Chandler, a tae kwon do performer, said of the event, "I have studied tae kwon do for three years. It helps me to stay healthy and mentally strong. I am very happy to display my tae kwon do skills to audiences."

"SKIES did a great job," said Capt. Ranston Harvey, a parent attending the show. "The show allowed parents a good chance to see and become more interested in the classes their children are taking, catching a glimpse of their artistic potential. You could see proud parents throughout the event, as they snapped pictures of their child."

"I was very excited to watch my daughter perform gymnastics during the SKIES holiday recital," said Harvey, adding "(she) has worked very hard. This event allowed her a chance to show what she has learned."

Harvey added, "Some of the children were strong and determined when performing with the drum. They were equally determined while performing ken do, tiger tots (a form of tae kwon do), and tae kwon do. On the other side of the performances, you saw children who were a little more timid. They were so sweet as they performed together."

SKIES officials said that they deeply appreciate all of the time and energy that supporters provided. Commented one official, "The amount of time and support that you have so generously given the children and staff is beyond measure. What you do for the Daegu community and the U.S. Army family is truly appreciated."