FORT CARSON, Colo. - The United States Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center and the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program are hosting the Peer to Peer Safety Video Competition that began Oct. 1 and ends April 30, 2010. The contest is designed to encourage Soldiers to create their own safety video displaying individual ideas conveying safety messages to inform and protect their fellow servicemembers from unsafe acts, said Paul Burns, 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson Safety director. In today's information environment, Soldiers have access to video cameras and digital technology, said Burns. On the internet alone, there are a vast number of videos showcasing people committing unsafe acts where risk management was not a priority, Burns said. The Peer to Peer Safety Video Competition provides Soldiers the opportunity to use their skills to create a professional product targeting an audience that they can relate with - fellow servicemembers, he said. "This competition challenges Soldiers to personalize safety messaging and pick topics that have meaning for them and their peers," said Dr. Patricia LeDuc, USACRSC, Human Factors Task Force director. "A good video captures your attention, evokes emotion and makes you think," said the Peer to Peer competition facilitator. The contest is open to Army active duty, Army Reserve, and National Guard Soldiers according to the USACRSC website, The videos should convey effective ways to safely conduct off-duty activities such as, but not limited to, privately owned vehicle driving; motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle use; handling of privately owned weapons; water-related activities and sports activities. Safety Videos from the first competition are displayed on the website as well as sample videos providing Soldiers a reference point for their own videos, said Jennifer Albert, USACRSC Command Information manager. USACRSC will award the first place winner a gold medal certificate and gold "Safety Emmy" Trophy. The second place winner will be awarded a silver medal certificate and silver "Safety Emmy;" and the third place winner a bronze medal certificate and bronze "Safety Emmy." Each Soldier who places will also be awarded up to $2000 from the Army BOSS program, the co-sponsors of the competition. "The power of peer influence, especially among our Soldiers, is truly something we need to harness, to help us prevent accidents and save lives throughout our Army," said Col. Scott Thompson, USACRSC deputy commander. "The Peer to Peer Video Competition puts our Soldiers center stage so they are able to share their own messages directly with their peers and, through that sharing, possibly save a life." Soldiers are encouraged to visit the USACRSC website for the official competition rules and video submission guidelines.