REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala.--Lean Six Sigma is about improvement, reduction of cost, elimination of waste and problem solving but it also consists of complex problems.

How do you complete a project full of questions and fleeting solutions'

"Declare small victories and move onto the next phase," said Ron Davis to the recent class of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt graduates.

Davis, deputy chief of staff for Business Transformation, Army Materiel Command attended the Dec. 18 ceremony held at Redstone Arsenal wishing the seven graduates well along with actively encouraging them to rate the class and overall experience.

And with that the new Black Belts shared their thoughts on the improvement process and, in retrospect, the journey to becoming certified.

Anthony Nguyen, Software Engineering Directorate, Redstone Arsenal, Ala., said he would continue to support his class while carrying on the techniques and tools provided during the class.

"I had no experience in LSS at all--I just went for the Black Belt. Process improvement is what I'll take back to my boss," said Charles Sublett, Integrated Air Missile Defense Project Office, Huntsville, Ala.

From the LSS inexperienced to the overly analytical, the seven graduates are now trained and ready to make necessary process improvements.

"I was guilty of overanalyzing," said John Little, Integrated Materiel Management Center, Redstone Arsenal, Ala., but he assured "my current division chief is an advocate of Lean Six Sigma; we're going to apply it very aggressively."

Rounding out the graduates were those completing professional developmental assignments as well as visiting students, including Martina Flores, Office of Maintenance Operation Analysis, Corpus Christi Army Depot.

"I am really, really grateful that I got a chance to come here," said Flores. Her project's goal was to reduce the cost overrun of the UH 60 (Black Hawk), a key Reset mission at the Texas depot.

Lean Six Sigma instructors for the course included Kathleen Leonard and Terrance Wilson.

Of the Black Belt course Wilson said, "I'm really excited and looking forward to one project completed this calendar year."

The seven Black Belts:
Martina R. Flores (Office of Maintenance Operation Analysis, Corpus Christi Army Depot, Texas)
Kathy Gardner (Army Materiel Command Office of Human Resources, Redstone Arsenal, Ala.)
Paul E. Hicks (Aviation, Missiles Research and Development Center, Redstone Arsenal, Ala.)
John W. Little (Integrated Materiel Management Center, Redstone Arsenal, Ala.)
Anthony D. Nguyen (Software Engineering Directorate, Redstone Arsenal, Ala.)
Michael Pauly (Army Materiel Command CPI, Redstone Arsenal, Ala.)
Charles E. Sublett (Integrated Missile Defense Project Office, Huntsville, Ala.)