Happy holidays, families and friends
of Multi-National Task Force - East
During this holiday season, we want to express our gratitude
and thank each of you for your dedication and support to each
deployed Soldier here in Kosovo and want to wish you the best
in this season of joy and in the New Year.
Christmas is a time for holiday spirit and for families and friends
to gather, to eat, celebrate and to share old memories, along with making new ones. While your Soldier is
away I encourage you to support one another and create new memories with your National Guard Family
and Family Readiness Groups, while staying in contact and sharing the holidays in a new or diff erent way
with your deployed Soldier.
For many, this may be the fi rst time you've had loved ones away during the holidays, for some you have
shared holidays apart in the past. It is important to stay connected with the Task Force Falcon Family at
home. Take the opportunity to reach out and support those who may not have family nearby. Participate
in the Family Readiness Group events, church and community events. Stay connected, not only
this season, but throughout the entire Kosovo deployment. We are taking care of each other here - our
desire is that you are supporting each other at home. We share a common thread, one that will connect
us for a long time.
We also encourage you and your Soldier to make this the best possible holiday season through communication
and shared experiences. Stay in contact and share in your families'celebrations through emails,
the telephone and computer conferences.
Christmas, this year, will take on a new meaning for all of us. We know you miss us and we miss not being
there with you as well. Be proud of all you have done to take care during this time of separation. Your
contributions to this mission through love and support have been and continue to be amazing.