SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - In the past, returning Soldiers who were close to their permanent change of station (PCS) date were often stuck in limbo waiting to receive their official orders, waiting to be released from their command, and waiting to move on to the next stage of their lives when they redeployed to the islands.

This process of hurry up and wait is on the way out, according to Keala Penrose, chief of reassignments, Military Personnel Division (MPD), Directorate of Human Resources (DHR).

"Several years ago, backlogs were experienced," Penrose said. "However, with more recent redeployments, we've begun working with units ahead of time to coordinate reassignment processing while units are still downrange. The reassignment staff works hand in hand with unit commanders to assist Soldiers on assignment instruction to obtain the information required to initiate PCS orders before they redeploy."

To accommodate larger units redeploying, MPD staff conducts special levy briefings for applicable Soldiers during Deployment Cycle Support (DCS) processing at Conroy Bowl. Smaller units and individuals PCSing are still processed, and the weekly levy briefing is still being conducted at Building 750, Soldier Support Center.

By laying the groundwork and following up with Soldiers when they first get back, Soldiers who have not yet completed all requirements are made aware of what's missing as early as possible.

However, Soldiers who are unable to complete their PCS requirements will not be able to obtain their orders during DCS processing at Conroy Bowl.

"A Soldier's S1 (or personnel) shop should be his or her first stop when inquiring about expected orders," Penrose advised. "The trained personnel at the unit will know what paperwork is required or if any mandatory briefings need to be attended."

(Editor's Note: This article ran in the Hawaii Army Weekly's redeployment insert, which was published Nov. 20. To see the entire insert, click here. The insert starts on page 14.)