VILSECK, Germany - The 2/405th Army Field Support Battalion is taking its show on the road, visiting various units throughout Germany to showcase the battalion's capabilities and services to units.

"I started the road show to inform all of our supported units about the logistics and sustainment capabilities and resources provided by the battalion,'' said Lt. Col. Morris Hatcher, commander of the 2/405th AFSB.

Hatcher believes that the road show is a win-win situation for both the battalion and the supported units.

"The battalion will be better able to track and gauge customer support services, and the units will be more aware of the services offered by the battalion in support of their logistics and sustainment initiatives, as well as know who to contact for any potential issues," Hatcher explained.

In addition to featuring battalion capabilities, the road show includes presentations from other organizations affiliated with the AFSB. The Army Oil Analysis Program laboratory, headquartered at Coleman Barracks in Mannheim, also participated in the road show and found it to be a great way to reach out directly to the Soldiers in the field.

"The units had the opportunity to ask direct questions and receive answers on the spot," said Heidrun Bodeit, director of the laboratory. "Units were given training DVDs and handouts about our organization, and they realized that AOAP is still alive and supporting the Warfighter."

The road show also features presentations by Army Materiel Command organizations in Europe, including the TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, the Aviation and Missile Command and the Communications Electronics Command.