What is it'

TRICARE Online (TOL) is a secure Web portal designed to increase access to care for authorized TRICARE beneficiaries and access to information for designated TRICARE physicians and support staff. TOL was developed by the Department of Defense (DOD) in response to beneficiary requests for greater access to health and wellness information, online appointments and prescription refills.

What has the Army done'

To enhance access to care and patient satisfaction scheduling routine appointments, the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) encourages greater use of TOL. Soldiers and family members who register for TOL at the military treatment facility (MTF) where assigned or enrolled, can use it at any time, from any location, to access health and wellness information, schedule a routine appointments, check the status of prescription medications or refill prescriptions on line-which includes a link to access the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy Program.

Registration for TOL also provides Soldiers and family members real-time access to enrollment-related transactions. For example, they can update their address or telephone number, review or request TRICARE information, transfer their enrollment between a TRICARE Region or MTF; and most important, Soldiers can update and verify their family members TRICARE eligibility in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. Registration and additional TOL information is available at <a href=" " target="_blank">TRICARE Online Web site.</a>

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future'

The DOD is developing a parental appointing option to let parents schedule routine appointments online for their minor children using the parent's TOL account. At some Army MTFs, Soldiers and family members can use TOL to schedule routine wellness appointments. The AMEDD's goal for the future is to web-enable 80 percent of its primary care appointments at Army MTF's and have five percent of all routine beneficiary appointments scheduled using TOL.

Why is knowing about TOL important to the Army'

At the direction of the Army Surgeon General and MEDCOM commander, access to care is now one of the top priorities for the AMEDD. Soldiers and family members want greater access to the health care benefit they have earned. TOL provides Soldiers and family members the ability to schedule appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week-making it a flexible, convenient alternative to scheduling appointments by phone during normal business hours at the MTF appointment center. TOL gives Soldiers and family members the freedom to manage their time and their health care needs.


<a href=" " target="_blank">TRICARE Online Web site</a>