Taking care of people key to command success
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The best part about serving as the 7th Signal command sergeant major has been meeting the tremendous people who accomplish our mission every day.

I have travelled with BG Jennifer Napper, the CG for 7th Signal Command (Theater) at Fort Gordon, Ga., extensively, visiting the 93rd and 106th Signal brigades and their Network Enterprise Centers at installations across the United States.

During these visits, I've been most impressed with the professionalism of the military and civilian personnel who operate and defend the installation networks in CONUS every single day.

Their willingness to work together to meet mission requirements, and their drive to continually improve the operation is truly inspirational. It's a great team.

We're continuing to build the 7th Signal team, in several ways - through quality of life initiatives, by emphasizing fairness and respect for others, by looking after the professional development needs of our workforce, and by developing consistent management and operational processes.

Each one of these areas are essential ingredients for building a strong, cohesive team that will be able to excel long after I've moved on to my next assignment. We're moving forward in each of these areas by developing the physical working environments that are clean and safe, the command climate that is based on mutual trust and respect so everyone knows their contributions are valued, a professional development system that trains, evaluates, and mentors our personnel so they're prepared to succeed, and a consistent set of processes to provide reliable guidelines for everything we do.

The bottom line purpose for doing all these things can be summed up simply as Taking Care of our People.

It is by taking care of people that we will succeed as a command. Our performance is measured by the capabilities and customer service we provide. Maximizing the performance and job satisfaction of each one of our people will lead directly to mission success.