Deputy CIO/G-6 visits Fort Gordon Network Enterprise Center
Mr. Mike Krieger, Deputy, Chief Information Officer/G-6 (left) recieves an overview of the Fort Gordon, Ga., Network Enterprise Center (NEC) from Lisa McClease, NEC Director (center), and Lory Camesi, NEC Network Manager (right) during a recent orien... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

7th Signal Command (Theater) was established to transform the multiple duplicative networks across the Continental United States (CONUS) theater into a network enterprise, part of the Global Joint Network.

Reflecting this overall transformation, and key to its success, is the transformation of Directorates of Information Management to become Network Enterprise Centers (NEC). The creation of NECs is more than a name change. It is about a new way of looking at how we provide, operate, and defend networks within the Cyberspace domain.

Cyberspace is the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures, including the internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers. Operating successfully in the Cyberspace domain requires a shift in how we think about network operations.

We can no longer view networking in terms of locally provided services, optimized for a particular location or function. Rather, we must recognize that network operations anywhere impact the Army's success throughout Cyberspace.

Standing up 7th Signal Command, the 93rd and 106th Signal Brigades, and NECs at each installation makes possible an Enterprise-wide approach for operation and defense of the enterprise network in CONUS. The command, in concert with NECs across the theater, provides unity of effort required to successfully operate and defend the network.

Success in the Cyberspace domain is achieved when Army forces have assured access to the global collaborative information environment, giving leaders the information assets they need to execute command and control.

There are 19 separate ASCC, ACOM, and DRU organizations operating in and through the LandWarNet within CONUS. Most of these organizations operate in direct support of deployed forces, continually conducting operations in and through Cyberspace.

In addition, CONUS-based deploying units depend on the network to train as they fight, to conduct distributed joint planning, and to rehearse for operations. NECs at each installation operate as part of the larger Global Network Enterprise while remaining responsive at the local level to provide assured access.

As the command moves towards full operational capability, we have emphasized the importance of building relationships -- among our own team and with those who rely on the network capabilities we provide.

The people who serve in our NECs understand operations at the local level. They are collaborative partners with warfighters and operators. We are taking care to preserve these relationships and to focus on improving our responsiveness to the requirements of Commanders and Warfighters.

We provide, operate, and defend the network on their behalf.

One Team, One Network!

(Brigadier General Jennifer Napper is the Commanding General of 7th Signal Command (Theater)

(From ARMY COMMUNICATOR, Vol. 34, No.2)