Holiday Safety

What is it'

Engagement on all fronts, between leaders, Soldiers, families and peers, is essential to preventing senseless tragedies this holiday season.

What has the Army done'

This year, the Army has grown its traditionally small annual Fall/Winter Safety Campaign into an effort that now nearly mirrors the strength of its very successful Summer Safety Campaign. This new campaign, which runs through March 31, is driven by a theme reminding all audiences that even though the temperatures are colder, fall and winter months are no time to chill" when it comes to safety and risk management.

With the holidays approaching and many Soldiers, civilians and family members preparing for exodus, it is important to remember that safety threats are abundant this time of year. Things like icy roads, drunk drivers, undercooked food, slips, trips and falls, and fires all threaten the joy the holidays can bring.

The Army's Fall/Winter Safety Campaign encourages leaders at all levels to engage their teams during this high-risk season by providing them with a wealth of tools to help identify, understand and mitigate risk. A myriad of important risk mitigation resources meant to bolster safety programs are available at the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center's Web site. These tools and products, which include the Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPS), feature articles, videos, posters and more, provide important information for all members of the Army team traveling and celebrating this season.

Why is this important to the Army'

During last year's holiday exodus, the Army lost four Soldiers to preventable off-duty accidents. Three of the four Soldiers were on leave when they were killed.

The Fall/Winter Safety Campaign reminds all Soldiers, civilians and family members that whether they are working in the motor pool or on the flight line, hitting the slopes, gathered around a bountiful table, celebrating the New Year or enjoying fun outdoor activities, composite risk management must remain a top priority in every activity, both on and off duty.

Soldiers must remember to have a plan when celebrating, designate a sober driver and always look out for fellow Soldiers.


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