18 December 2009

Home for the Holidays 2009!

On behalf of the entire 3d Expeditionary Sustainment Command, I want to take this opportunity to wish you the warmest of Holiday greetings.

Thank you for the tremendous job you are doing to take care of Soldiers and execute the mission. The over eight thousand Soldiers of the ESC are on point daily ensuring the warfighter has everything they need to accomplish the mission.

We all have much to be thankful for in our lives. While taking the opportunity to enjoy this Holiday season, I ask you to pause and remember those who have sacrificed and served so that we may spend this season in the peaceful company of our friends and loved ones. All too often we take the gifts of freedom and democracy for granted. Remember that the blessings, abundance, and opportunities we enjoy here in America come with a price. Your service and the service of those that came before you ensure we will always enjoy the freedoms all Americans have come to expect.

Finally, I ask that you take care of yourselves, your Families, and friends and enjoy this time with safety in mind. As Sustainers, I count on you to be leaders no matter where you are - or what you are doing. During the 2008 Holiday season, 19 servicemembers lost their lives in over 200 motor vehicle accidents. This Holiday season let's be safe - looking out for one another, remaining vigilant, and ensuring everyone returns from the Holidays safely.

So during this most joyous of seasons, take a moment to think of those who are deployed. May we all wish for their safe and joyful return and remember them and their Families in all our thoughts and prayers. Again, thanks for all that you do and have a great Holiday and Joyous 2010!

Robin B. Akin