Members of the Australian Force Unit 2 hosted a BBQ for coalition troops at Billabong Flats,
Camp LSA, Kuwait Dec. 1.

The uniquely Australian monthly event marked what could be the last as they prepare to leave Kuwait and continue operations in a different location.

The Australian unit, which consists of army, navy and air force, has assisted Third Army in sustaining the fight by working closely with American forces over the past five years. They are responsible for a wide range of logistical support, theater inductions, equipment, weapons training
and medical training to military in theater.

"We usually get a tremendous turnout from U.S Army, Seabees, Air Force and occasionally British troops from Camp Arifjan joining us as well," said Squadron Leader Michael Edwards, Force Support Unit 2. "It's a chance for us to say thanks for all the support we have had and to interact and build relationships with coalition partners. I know we really enjoy it and I think they do too."

"The mission here has been successful, because we have moved a large amount of stuff," said Edwards. "We pride ourselves on the service we give. Our motto is anything, anywhere, anytime. If we can get
equipment to people, we get it to them."

The unit's responsibilities for providing support are critical to their mission's success with many Australian military serving in Afghanistan.

"We are working in Afghanistan toward building up the Afghan National
Army as we did in Iraq, so one day we can hand it over and they will be
able look after their own security," said Capt. Rory Hale of Force Unit 2.

"We have enjoyed our time here in Kuwait and the fact that all the
facilities have been opened up to us," said Edwards. "We work with many
different countries: Americans, Dutch, British and Canadians. Contributing
to an overall mission with lots of different partners has been a terrific
experience and is critical we all work together. We are looking forward to
a continued positive working relationship."