A human resources specialist educated six spouses of active-duty servicemembers during a seminar Wednesday on Executive Order 13473, enabling federal hiring managers to hire eligible military spouses without complex or competitive processes.
Executive Order 13472 became law Sept. 11, 2009, according to Phyllis Hull, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center human resources specialist, who conducted the seminar.
She said the order identifies three groups of spouses now eligible to apply for employment in all pay grades: spouses of active-duty Soldiers who have been issued permanent change of station orders that require relocating, spouses of 100-percent disabled servicemembers injured while on active duty or un-remarried widows or widowers of servicemembers killed while on active duty.
Spouses give up their careers to travel with their servicemembers, Hull said, noting this executive order gives eligible spouses a way to begin their careers at their next locations.
"Military spouses will soon find more job announcements open for them. There is no guarantee for employment, but the new policy does increase possibility to be referred and considered for federal jobs," said Hull.
Hull said once a spouse becomes eligible, he or she has a two-year window to use this benefit, which is a concern for some military spouses.
Marie Stallworth's active-duty husband has been stationed here for 13 years. Stallworth said at the present time there seems to be few jobs here that take the executive order into consideration, which may cut into her two-year time frame to use the benefit.
Crafting rAfAsumAfAs is also priority for eligible spouses to consider when applying for jobs, said Army Community Service Director Sue Jackson.
She said spouses should outline skills and volunteer work along with professional experience on their rAfAsumAfAs. Grammar, spelling and reputable references are just as important as job seekers' qualifications.
Spouses should check the "Who May Apply" section of job announcements to see if they can be considered under Executive Order 13473.
Vacancy announcements are posted on www.cpol.army.mil and www.usajobs.gov. For more information, call Hull at 255-1586.