PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. Aca,!" Visitors coming to the Presidio of Monterey will be welcomed with improved welcome centers at any of the four gates by September 2010.

"First, starting gate by gate, the existing centers will be removed," said Tony Barcinas, local liaison for the POM Directorate of Public Works. Barcinas said the existing centers are little more than unsightly trailers.

He explained that the building of the new centers had been planned for a long time to "promote the atmosphere and aesthetics of the base."

The new visitor centers will not only improve the look and ambiance for those who enter here for the first time, they will improve the quality of life for the guards who staff the gates daily.

"Each center will have a brand new interior, that will include restrooms, computers and a waiting area," Barcinas said. Currently, he said, if the center has too many people in its already cramped space, visitors have to wait outside.

The improvements will allow more people to wait inside, and also allow the guards to use a permanent facility for their breaks.

Preparations for construction could begin as soon as Dec. 15 as trucks and equipment are set up at any one of the gates with a scheduled completion date of September 2010.

"There might be a slight delay coming through the gates during the construction time, but there will not be any closures of the gates," Barcinas said.