FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- The Soldiers and family members who helped create the 193rd Infantry Brigade's new cookbook say there is a something in the book to satisfy every palate.

And with recipes ranging from German to American, they might be right.

"The cookbook is very well-rounded," said Jennifer Hedrick, who headed the committee responsible for compiling the cookbook. "It has a lot of different cultures and nationalities represented."

The idea for the recipe book started at a recent 193rd family readiness group meeting, where members discussed ways to raise money for their annual ball and traded family recipes. It was not long before the group decided to share some of their favorite recipes with the rest of the community to help raise money for decorations for the event.

"We thought it would be successful because everyone loves a cookbook," Hedrick said.

Yvette Prosser said that the response has exceeded everyone's expectations.
"It is more popular than we ever imagined," she said. "The buzz has been great."

Sgt. Robert Ferguson from the 193rd, who formatted the book, said it has been a great addition to his dinnertime.

"Personally, I really enjoy the cookbook. The chicken chili is my favorite," Ferguson said.

Hedrick said the brigade used the spirit of friendly competition to complete the nearly 250-entry recipe book.

"We challenged each battalion to submit 40 recipes. Eventually it became a competition to see who could submit the most. By the end of the contest, we had more than enough recipes."

HHC won the competition, but all submissions were published to ensure that each battalion was represented in the cookbook.
"We wanted it to represent the 193rd as a whole," Prosser said.

The book also doubles as an educational tool for Soldiers. Instead of using the usual sectionals, recipes for appetizers, main dishes and casseroles were separated by segments about the brigade's history.

"We thought it was a great way to separate the sections and make Soldiers aware of the history of the battalion," Prosser said.

Prosser and Hedrick both said they hope the book becomes more than just a way for families to get meal ideas.

"This cookbook is part of our legacy - the 193rd legacy - that can be shared with future generations," Prosser said.

Contact the 193rd Infantry Brigade at 751-4842 for more information.