ATLANTA - Third Army/U.S. Army Central Chief of Staff Stephen M. Twitty was promoted to brigadier general during a ceremony Nov. 30 at Fort McPherson, Ga.
U.S. Army senior leaders demonstrated the confidence they have in the soldiering and leadership abilities of Twitty, a 46-year-old native of Chesnee, South Carolina, by entrusting him with both his rank and position at Third Army.
"He is a tremendously capable Soldier and officer, and I'm glad the Army has recognized his potential for future service," said Lt. Gen. William G. Webster, Third Army, commanding general.
At the ceremony, Twitty was promoted by his wife Karen and daughter Ashley.
As the chief of staff for Third Army, Twitty assists with both the buildup in Afghanistan along with the Responsible Drawdown efforts in Iraq. The command has been the leading provider of logistical and support operations in both theaters since 2003. Additionally, the command shapes the operational environment within the 20-nation U.S. Central Command area of responsibility, which spans from northern Africa to central Asia and encompasses the Middle East, by participating in hundreds of peacetime military engagements annually while simultaneously preparing to deploy on a moment's notice to engage and neutralize any new or emerging global threat.