FORTAca,!E+SHAFTER, Hawaii - A crowd was waiting outside the Fort Shafter Thrift Shop, Thursday, but people were not in line for Black Friday or the latest video game release. The crowd had gathered for a Thrift Shop bag sale.

The line of shoppers waiting to come inside the store was a new experience for Laura Albaneze, Fort Shafter Thrift Shop manager.

"I usually open the door and people trickle in as the day goes on. Today was the first time I remember having people on the other side of the door waiting," Albaneze said.

During the two-day sale, patrons could fill up a paper bag with Thrift Shop property (TSP) items for only $5. Service members E-4 and below received their first bag free.

According to Albaneze, one of the reasons the Fort Shafter Thrift Shop has a bag sale is to clear out some of the merchandise.

"Our clothing racks start to get full, and we run out of hangers," Albaneze said.

In addition to making room for incoming merchandise, a bag sale can be a big money-maker for the shop.

Lisa Seward, Hui O' Wahine Fort Shafter Thrift Shop representative, said the bag sales have a successful history, here.

"The bag sales are well attended and bring in a different crowd from our regular customers," Seward said.

Albaneze confirmed the Fort Shafter Thrift Shop sold 112 bags full of merchandise during the two-day bag sale. A lot of new faces were in the crowd, she said. The last two days, people were telling their friends and neighbors to come out.

Other bag sale patrons, like Juli Chytka are frequent visitors to the Fort Shafter Thrift Shop.

"I heard about the bag sale, but I usually shop the Thrift Shop about once a month," Chytka said.

Another patron, Myra Venejas, was shopping the bag sale to donate clothing to the Philippines for disaster recovery efforts.

"I can get more at the bag sale, so I can send more," Venejas said.

Holiday items will be appearing on shop shelves by next week. The shop carries nice furniture, like twin beds and antiques, too, and stocks many baby items.

Also, the Fort Shafter Thrift Shop has started offering environmentally friendly cloth bags for sale. The cloth bags are in the store now and are offered for $3 each.

Volunteers are always welcome at the Fort Shafter Thrift Shop, which is the main fundraising activity for the Hui O' Wahine, Fort Shafter Spouses Club. Funds are used by the Hui O' Wahine for charitable causes and scholarships.

The next Fort Shafter Thrift Shop bag sale is scheduled Jan. 28 and 29.