SCHOFIELDAca,!E+BARRACKS, Hawaii - The Youth Education Support Services (YESS) program, part of Child, Youth and School Services (CYS2), has recently undergone a name change - it is now called School Support Services (SSS).

"The new name emphasizes the word 'school,' so (that) families know we're here to support their children in their schools," explained Wayne Yoshino, school liaison officer. "The Army supports the educational needs of everyone, from Soldiers to civilians to family members. School Support Services is specific to the educational needs of military children."

Three programs that provide services to military-connected families and fall under the SSS, are the School Liaison Office, Transition Services, and the School of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration, and Skills Unlimited (SKIESUnlimited) program.

School Liaison Office
School Liaison Officers, or SLOs, work closely with parents and school personnel to resolve issues that impact military students. SLOs also serve as primary advisors to the garrison command staff on matters relating to education on the installation.

Military parents are encouraged to contact the School Liaison Office for assistance with their educational needs while living in Hawaii.

Garrison SLOs can also assist with a child's transition during a permanent change of station (PCS), by connecting families with the School Liaison Office at their next duty station.

Transition Services
If you are new to the installation or would like assistance in transitioning to a new CYS2 facility, a transition specialist can provide guidance and answer questions.

In addition, the transition specialist manages the Youth Sponsorship Program, which was created to connect military students with each other from different installations, schools and cultures, worldwide. If you have any questions regarding transition issues or the Youth Sponsorship Program, contact a CYS2 transition specialist.

The SSS also offers instructional programs through the SKIESUnlimited program. SKIESUnlimited, located at the SSS office on Schofield Barracks, offers instructional classes such as music, dance, theater, little ninja, tutoring, karate, tae kwon do and cooking.

These classes are offered to youth ages 2-17 years old, and are held throughout the week, excluding Sundays, at Schofield Barracks and Aliamanu Military Reservation (AMR). The costs for these classes range from $35-$55, per month. Blue Star Card holders are eligible to receive up to four months of free SKIESAca,!E+classes.


School Support Services
241 Hewitt Street, Building 1283, Schofield Barracks
Phone: 808-655-9818

Child, Youth and School Services Transition Specialist
350 Eastman Road, Wheeler Army Airfield.
Phone: 808-656-0079

SKIESUnlimited Administrator
Located in the School Support Services office. Regular business hours are, Tuesday-Saturday, 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
Phone: 808-655-9818