FORT SILL, Okla. -- Many of us have fond childhood memories of great family gatherings on Thanksgiving Day with great food, family and conversation.

On becoming a Soldier, I experienced unit gatherings at our dining facilities that reminded me of those family gatherings I experienced as a kid.
Well, did you know that you can have Thanksgiving lunch in one of eight dining facilities at Fort Sill Thanksgiving day' You can build those Army Thanksgiving memories with us at Fort Sill this Thanksgiving by enjoying the camaraderie at one of our DFACs.

We hope that you will join us on Thanksgiving by remembering our Soldiers and civilians who are away from their families and friends as well as those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and are not able to join us this Thanksgiving Day.

The time invested by our skilled food service staff in putting this meal together starts months before the holiday. The preparation includes more than just food. They plan the layout of the dining facilities, which involves putting up and staging the decorations, staffing the serving lines and making sure the facility is in top-notch shape. Then, there are the large quantities of food for this meal.

The quality of food offered is prepared by Fort Sill\'s award winning culinary arts team and food service personnel beginning Wednesday night.

I can almost smell the 4,000 pounds of turkey, 6,000 servings of pies, 4,000 pounds of baked ham, 3,000 pounds of beef, 2,100 pounds of shrimp, the cranberry sauce, thousands of fresh oven rolls and dozens of pans of seasoned stuffing.

There are eight Fort Sill Dining Facilities open to serve you. We have 500 food service personnel who are preparing your Thanksgiving favorites. In addition, I will be joining other Fort Sill leaders to serve you this wonderful holiday meal. Fort Sill Dining Facilities always go that extra mile to support all Soldiers, family members, veterans, retirees and civilians.

Please come and join us at any one of our eight facilities for the Thanksgiving meal Thursday between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. The cost of this feast is $7 per person. The exception is spouses and family members of enlisted personnel, E-1 through E-4, who pay the discounted meal rate of $5.95.

We hope you can join us on this special occasion.

To send questions or comments to me please e-mail, or you can mail your comments to Commander, USAG-Fort Sill, 462 Hamilton Road, Suite 120, Fort Sill OK 73503.

Please be careful and look out for each other on the long weekend.

Thank you and have a great Fort Sill holiday.