FORT BLISS, Texas (Nov. 24, 2009) -- Soldiers of the Army Evaluation Task Force demonstrated several pieces of new equipment Nov. 3 in combat scenarios for camera crews from the Fox News Network.

The footage will be used in an upcoming piece on retired Marine Corps Col. Oliver North's television show "War Stories."

Using McGregor Range's newest shoot house, which was fielded in May of this year, the AETF Soldiers of 5th Brigade, 1st Armored Division, executed Military Operations in Urban Terrain, or MOUT, such as cordon and search procedures.

The AETF Soldiers incorporated the Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle, or SUG-V, and the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle into their search of the shoot house, giving them the ability to keep soldiers safe from potential improvised explosive devices and enemy threats.

During the simulated attack, the UAV hovered overhead relaying video of targets to the command. The camera crew was granted access to the command center and equipment to get a firsthand look at how the new systems can benefit different size commands and provide the Soldiers on the ground with pertinent information to make quick decisions based on data they wouldn't have had previously.

In addition, the crew was given a tour of the new Non Line-of-Sight Launch System and told how it is to be fielded in combat operations. The NLOS-LS is a self-contained guided missile system which can be fired and controlled remotely.

The new shoot house, which is run by Raytheon employees under the Warrior Training Alliance Contract, is capable of hosting live-fire maneuvers or MILES 2000 equipment, along with audio playback, intercom, and video surveillance to review the training unit's procedures during their After-Action Report.

Robert Pepin, the program manager for HITS and the shoot house explained, "The new shoot houses on McGregor and on White Sands are both capable of recreating a more realistic training environment while providing the documentation to allow units to critique and perfect their skills in a safe environment."