Army civilians have historically made significant contributions to the execution of the Army's mission. The Army's reliance on civilians is even more pronounced today.

Scott F. Miller, Deputy Director of Training, HQDA Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff G-3/5/7, delivered this message to 35 Civilian Education System Advanced Course graduates at the recognition ceremony at Army Management Staff College on Oct. 30 at Fort Belvoir, Va.

In the Advanced Course, students enhance their ability to lead people in complex organizations and operate in an environment of integrated systems with a focus on the mission. This can be attained with the combination of distributed Learning and four weeks of on-campus instruction at Fort Belvoir.

Miller spoke about civilians remaining future focused due to the demands of the world today. He charged them to set the standard high, be effective in managing and leading change, make life-long learning a personal and professional goal, and support subordinates' attendance at CES and functional training courses so the Army can continue to grow and develop the Civilian Corps.

The Advanced Course students also wanted to give AMSC a class gift on their behalf and donated $225 to the Fisher House Foundation of Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Evelyn K. Pool explained the reason behind the gift and presented the check to AMSC Commandant Col. Stevenson Reed.

Graduate Glenn Carthron said, "Unlike other courses, which hinge on hours of platform instruction and rote memory, the CES resident Advanced Course is built around a curriculum of applied learning from day one. Its centerpiece of high performance team building, critical thinking, and strategic analysis are applied and grown everyday through a set of problems designed to challenge and exercise the muscles used to work those areas. At the end, I had a greater understanding of my personal strengths; areas that need improvement and how those areas influence my ability to successfully problem solve and lead. I strongly recommended this course -- it delivers."