REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala.-- A business case designed to overhaul Army Materiel Command's process of procuring industry and military commercial standards, specifications and parts has resulted in a new contract, streamlined process and significant savings to the entire command.

A business case written by Tim Edwards, AMC command librarian, uncovered redundancy and waste associated with contracts.

According to Edwards, U.S. standards and specifications were being purchased--although they are free to use. In some instances, there were multiple site licenses issued to the same company.

"We had as many as 35 separate contracts throughout AMC. Each contract (included) a site license with the same company," said Edwards.

The process overhaul results in a savings of $1 million per year for AMC and 30 percent a year at AMC subordinate commands. Current and superseded military standards are also included as part of the latest contract, at no cost to AMC.

"Once we got the business case, they pulled the money from the existing contracts to put together the [new] contract. Next, there was a moratorium on purchasing U.S. government standards from commercial vendors," said Edwards.

Ultimately, IHS Global Inc. was awarded the competitive contract and their products are now accessible to the entire AMC Enterprise. Among those products: IHS Standards Expert, Haystack Gold, Parts Universe, Fasteners Content and Catalog Xpress.

Those with access to Army Knowledge Online, AKO, can visit the "AMC Standards and Specifications" page for more information.