Debra Y. Coleman became the new program manager for the "Always a Soldier" program at headquarters, U.S. Army Materiel Command Oct. 26. Coleman was previously a staff action control officer at AMC.

The "Always a Soldier" Program was created in 2004 as a mechanism to hire wounded warfighters who have separated from military service as Army civilians with AMC. The new employees, who were once Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors or Marines who became wounded while serving, can work at any of AMC's organizations, including its depots, laboratories, and repair facilities. To date, AMC has hired more than 75 new employees under the program.

"This is really a dream job that is very near and dear to my heart. Helping our warfighters continue to serve their fellow servicemembers as Army civilians is a great honor," said Coleman.

The program works closely with the Army Wounded Warrior Program, Warrior Transition Units, Department of Veterans Affairs and other defense, labor and veterans organizations.

For more information about the "Always a Soldier" program, visit its Web site at, call Coleman at 703-806-8140 or e-mail her at