FORT SILL, Okla. - Fort Sill and the Fires Center of Excellence have gone Web 2.0.

Maj. Gen. David Halverson, U.S. Army Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill commanding general, wants the public to be able to look in and see what the FCoE is all about.

"Maj. Gen. Halverson is hoping to have transparency in the organization, both internally and externally," said Lt. Col. Kevin Gregory, Office of Strategic Communications director.

From an internal point of view, Gregory said a site like Sharepoint allows all of the organizations within the FCoE to collaborate at one site and put all information at one location.

Externally, the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter allows a large population, the warfighter, family members, industry, academia and the community, to be informed about what's going on, Gregory said.

"The advantage to Web 2.0, as most people know, is it's collaborative," he said. "Literally, on the CG's blog, he can ask the force 'What can I do for you'' and where before it was an email or a phone call, now this creates a 'spider web' that can reach out around the world and get instant feedback from and an answer to the question."

Gregory said the key is to "flatten the organization, provide the transparency and ease transformation."

He said another aspect of being "wired" is if something happens in a deployed location, "the lessons learned from that event today, are being taught at Fort Sill tomorrow."

Sharing of knowledge makes everyone smarter, it empowers the lower levels and we get more productivity and more brainpower on an event," Gregory said. "Instead of four guys meeting in a room, now we have access to a thousand or two thousand trying to solve the same problem."

A new Fort Sill public Web site should be up and running soon. The FCoE has a page on Facebook, as does the Cannoneer. Halverson blogs through the Combined Arms Center site.