Fall/Winter Safety Campaign

What is it'

The 2009 U.S. Army Fall and Winter Safety Campaign reaffirms the Army's commitment to protecting our Band of Brothers and Sisters by urging all Soldiers, civilians and family members to prepare for cold weather activities through awareness, education and information.

The campaign, which runs Oct. 1- March 31, will be driven by a theme reminding all audiences that even though the temperatures are colder, the fall and winter months are "no time to chill" when it comes to safety and risk management.

What has the Army done'

To help leaders at all levels build and manage their own top quality fall and winter safety engagement plans, the team at the U.S. Army Combat Readiness (USACR)/Safety Center has developed feature articles, posters, videos and public service announcements focusing on many important season-appropriate safety topics. These products are meant to bolster a command's existing safety program by providing information on activities which Soldiers, family members and civilians may enjoy during the cooler months.

The products, which will focus on topics including hunting, fall/winter outdoor injuries, safe celebrations, home safety, fire safety, winter driving and more, will be available Oct. 1 on the USACR/Safety Center Web site under the Fall/Winter Safety Campaign icon.

Why is this important to the Army'

Every fall and winter, the Army loses Soldiers to tragic on-and-off duty accidents. As fall/winter weather approaches, leaders, Soldiers, and families must remain vigilant to protect against risk and drive down unnecessary losses in order to sustain our "Band of Brothers and Sisters."

The Fall/Winter Safety Campaign reminds all Soldiers that whether they are working in the motor pool or flight line, hitting the slopes, or enjoying the cooler temperatures with family and friends, composite risk management must remain a top priority in every activity- on-and-off duty.


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