BAGHDAD, Iraq - American Army medics assisted Iraqi policemen from five stations of the al-Zahour Iraqi Police District to employ newly-learned first responder techniques during a post-bomb explosion exercise, Oct. 15.

The exercise highlighted the final day of week-long training at the Lion Academy, conducted at Joint Security Station Istiqlal in northeast Baghdad, by Soldiers of 1st Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment and several International Police Advisors.

Lion Academy training focused on investigating a possible improvised explosive device and then responding to a detonation. Iraqi police learned how to properly secure an area where an IED has exploded, and how to provide aid to casualties.

In the days leading up to the practical exercise, the instructors taught Iraqi police how to conduct blast site preservation, investigation techniques, and first responder care for the victims.

During the practical exercise, the group of seventeen Iraqi policemen convoyed with their U.S. teachers to a nearby range, where Soldiers from the 797th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team conducted two controlled detonations to simulate exploding IEDs.

Garryowen's medics were pleased with how well their instruction was received.

"They were really motivated. They took a lot of notes, and worked really hard when it was time for hands-on training," said Spc. Lawrence Rotich, a combat medic, from Kericho, Kenya.

Some of the Iraqi police acted as role players at the explosion site while their fellow officers tended to simulated injuries and established a secure perimeter around the immediate vicinity. Policemen applied dressings and tourniquets to each other, and then employed litters to evacuate the casualties.

"They really displayed some confidence," said Spc. Patrick Johnson, a medic from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "It was really great to see them perform so well in the things we taught them."